Thursday, August 15, 2013

Travel Tips


1. It is necessary that you know basic information about your destination.  Make a research about the place before anything else.
2. A copy of your itinerary must be left with a trusted family member or friend, in case of any emergency.
3. List down significant emergency information
4. Make yourself familiar with basic safety information, rules, and procedures, like what to do if you get lost or sick


1. Remember to travel light
2. Put important stuff in your hand carry bag
3. If travelling with babies, bring childproofing supplies, like electrical outlet covers and baby gates
4. Basic first aid kit is a must
5. It will save you your time, from shame and effort if you will remember the rules for what you can carry on and what needs to be checked when flying. These rules also apply to liquids such as milk or formula.


1. Be certain that your children are in approved child safety seats as mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  See Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours for further details
2. Children that are old enough not to need a child safety seat must wear their seat belt
3. This should be a general knowledge, never leave your children alone in your car


1. Explain safety and security procedures, rules and instructions
2. Teach your children to cooperate with airport security officials
3. Inform your children that making jokes or false threats about security issues are illegal and that they may not do so.
4. Your children should be in approved child safety seats if they require them, this applies also to airplanes.
5. Ensure the requirements for strollers, diaper bags, and other baby and child equipment


1. Check your hotel room for possible hazards, such as electrical outlets and furniture with sharp corners
2. Know where the nearest fire exits, fire alarm, fire extinguisher/hose to your room
3. Educate your children basic emergency procedures, like what to do in case of a fire or earthquake
4. Put away from kid’s reach potentially hazardous items, like toiletries, etc.
5. Supervise your kids at all times, do not leave them alone


1. Watch out for your children closely, more especially in public restrooms, large crowds, and near swimming pools or bodies of water
2. Make ground rules for curfews and safety issues
3. Be sure your children cross streets with your supervision
4. Instruct your kids to go to an agreed upon safe place and stay there, if ever they get lost
5. A distinctive or brightly colored clothes will be helpful to make children more visible
6. Write down your contact information on an index card and place it in your kids' pockets to make contacting you easier
7. This is old but still very true, do not talk to strangers, instruct children this one.  Tell your children not to take anything from a stranger or go anywhere with a stranger
8. Check play areas for potential hazards, look for sharp edges or openings where your children could get stuck
9. Make sure your kids have and use proper safety equipment, like helmets and life vests, for any activities that require them


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