Monday, November 24, 2014

Cheap Escapes for Your Long Weekend Visit in India

Are you tired of your usual getaway in SE Asian countries like Singapore, or Jakarta Indonesia? Try India! Here is Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore’s tips on cheap getaways for your long weekend visit in India.

Panchagni, implies the place of five hills, it is an exceptionally stunning hill station situated in Maharashtra. The impressive hill station is about 247 km from Mumbai. This splendid hill station covers numerous traveling attractions. The climate stays stable and enjoyable all through the year. You will never hear complaints from visiting tourists because of its beauty.

Major Attractions are Table Land, Pratapgad Fort, Mount Malcolm, Kamalgad Fort, Mahabaleshwar Temple

One of the most top rated and has the most reviews pilgrimage spot in India is Shirdi. The small village is well-known for the reason that Sai Baba spent about 50 years on this land. Samadhi Mandir is the main charm of this village which invites thousands of devotees and travelers each year.

Major Attractions are Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamayee Masjid, Chavadi, Khandoba Temple

Manali is about km 550 km from Delhi, is commonly famous as the Switzerland of India and is one of the most lovely hill stations in India. If you intend to take go through of heaven on the earth then you should visit this place.

Major Attractions are Hadimba Temple, Rahalla Falls, and The Manali Gompa

Rajsathan is about 424 km from Delhi and is one of the liveliest states in India. The colors of Rajasthan charm Traveler and visitors from every single parts of the world. All things that come in mind when you consider regarding travel can be seen in Rajasthan- Luxury, palaces, forts, desert, camels, elephants, and snake, adventure.

Major attractions are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur

Ooty is situated in Tamil Nadu at a height of 2240m above sea level. It is one of the most famous hill stations in South India and also famed with name “Queen of Hill Stations”.

Major attractions are Botanical Garden, Ooty Lake, ose Garden, Doddabetta Peak

Coorg is situated in the Western Ghats in the southwest part of Karnataka, is one of those you need to visit in Karnataka and is furthermore widely known as “Scotland of India”.

Major Attractions are Raja’s Seat, Omkareshwara Temple, Abbi Falls, Gaddige

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Taxi Tips In Bangkok

Just like Jakarta Indonesia there are taxis and taxis everywhere in Bangkok Thailand. Not simply are they abundant they are cheap too and you might find that hopping in and out of a cab is the most up-front way to travel the city. Actually, you can even catch a taxi driver to drive you everywhere for the whole day for a fixed fee even if you haven't worked out a set itinerary. Extend your arm on any street in any part of Bangkok pretty much and a taxi will stopover within seconds.

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore: Quick Tips

Number one tip as always is, be very cautious of scams and frauds the taxi drivers pull-off.

The yellow and green taxis are privately owned and you may discover they are fresher and you are looked after better – however numerous other colored taxis are just as worthy.

Anticipate paying toll ways for expressways – it isn't expensive (25-55 THB) nevertheless these fast tracks can cut out traffic queue frustrations enormously.

Warning! If you feel anxious about the driver or the driving then at all times change taxis. There's no rationale not to. See Kuala Lumpur

Do not be insulted if a taxi driver does not intend to take you. Subjected on where you're going you may get some refusals before you catch the perfect taxi.

Except you're clued up on local fees only take meter taxis, frequently it's top to walk somewhat away from big hotels and tourist attractions where taxis wait and try to price more.

Do not anticipate every taxi driver to know every single part of the city. It's a noble idea to get a well understanding of the area you want to get to, particularly if it's not on the central tourist drag.

If your driver's looked once you well and you see flowers being sold on the roads throughout traffic light stops you can buy a 10-20 THB garland for the driver to convey him luck and safeguard on the roads but protect you bag and put the coins or note through a crack in the window since there are major scams and pickpockets.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top Things to Do In Christchurch

Punting on Avon River

Delight yourself to the sophisticated luxury of the English Oxbridge, where cotton-shirted, straw-hat-wearing punters glide passengers across the majestic gardens of the riverbanks. This is indisputably the best way to experience the green strands and unequalled parkland attractiveness of downtown Christchurch, where a blooming kaleidoscope of colors bursts in the spring, the dropping branches of the regal weeping willows hang into the water, and the attractive stone bridges of the Avon above.

Punting trips in Christchurch leave from both the Antigua Boat Sheds on Cambridge Terrace and Worcester Bridge in the city each day of the year. One itinerary around the Avon takes around half an hour, and boats are suitable for groups of up to 10.

Christchurch Gondola

If you’re fascinated in travelling to the roof of the city, take bus 28 from the central City Exchange. The gondola is accessible 10.00 am - 5.00 pm daily, costs $25 for a return trip, and has split ticket deals for families, bike carriers and children.

Fly high overhead the Christchurch cityscape, beyond the birds and clouds, on this iconic ‘must do’ journey that brings visitors just under a kilometre from the centre, to the panoramic peak of the close to Port Hills.

Here guests appreciate unrivalled 360s of the Southern Alps, central Christchurch, the Pacific Ocean and the quaint harbour town of Lyttleton, cushioned tidily behind the crater rim. No one ever had complaints regarding it beauty. There’s also a possibility to travel around the metamorphic early stages of South Island’s unique volcanic topography, with a journey to the immersive Time Tunnel display that can be noticed on top.
Orana Wildlife Park

Orana Park is simply accessible just 15 minutes’ drive out of central Christchurch on the McLeans Island Road. Ticket prices differ between $9 for children and $25 for adults, and the park is open 10.00am - 5.00pm daily. Reviews say money is all worth it!

Educational, immersive and hands-on Orana Wildlife Park has been one of the main ‘must dos’ of Christchurch. It is home to below 400 individual species from right through the globe, from the colossal white rhinoceros of Africa to the indefinable Sumatran tiger of the Indonesian isles, whereas guests can also get up-close-and-personal with some of New Zealand’s own most iconic beasts; the skink; green geckos, and the iconic kiwi bird as examples.
Air Force Museum

Take a trip into the honored and admired past of New Zealand’s Air Force at this extensive collection of historical aircrafts and aviation-related artifacts. Warning! Ensure not to skip a ride on the fighter jet simulator, or the Horizon to Horizon gallery, which pays homage to the nation’s wartime courage in the skies. If you’re fortunate enough to stay on a weekend, sign up for the exclusive Air Force Adventure Tour, and feel all the hidden gems of the museum’s exhibitions.

One of the grand bonuses about Christchurch’s Air Force Museum is that overall entry is free, whereas the above stated organized tours price between $8 and $10. To get here, lead on the way to the district of Hornby on the Main South Road, turning off at Harvard Avenue and Symes.

Botanic Gardens
Not only Hawaii or Bali and Jakarta Indonesia can make you feel the tropic vibe. Surrounded by the lovely Avon River, these ever-growing botanical gardens have ornamented the center of Christchurch for over 100 years, creating them an absolute must on any tourist trail across the town. Amongst the seasons, the parkland oscillates from the blooming colors of spring and the attractive white hues of the South Island winter, and guests are requested to add to their trip with a self-guided tour book that’s existing to download online.

So, whether you chose to flounder away daily during your stay twisting on a bet down the handsome Avon waterway, or going high to the dramatic Port Hills ridges only outside of town, visitors equipped with these top tips on Christchurch will be well listed to your musts that the city has to offer, you are sure of no complaints after each trip.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Things to Do When It's Raining!

What goes around comes around! This may be a cliché, however when pertained to the weather in the Phuket, you can be sure it real. Even though Mother Nature may release her anger throughout the months between April and November, that doesn't mean that Phuket one has to keep high and dry in a hotel room or at home since different from Jakarta Indonesia or Kuala Lumpur with sure to be flooded when it rains, you can certainly enjoy the rain in Phuket Thailand. Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours Singapore

Phuket Seashell Museum
Even though the beach might be off limits for the day, there's one more place you can go and feel like you're kind of there - the Phuket Seashell Museum in Rawai. The museum is a source for some of the most unique and treasured shells in the world counting the largest golden pearl at 140 karats, large sections of sedimentary rock containing shell fossils that represent the earth's earliest life-forms, a shell weighing 250 kilograms and the only recognized left-handed Noble Volute. Gifts and souvenirs are available for buying.

Lunch or dinner at Khao Rang
Khao Rang or Rang Hill is situated in the north western part of Phuket City. The viewpoint bids remarkable views of the City and surrounding areas like Saphan Hin and the islands and Andaman Sea as a backdrop. The hill top is landscaped and there is a fitness facility, a huge park and picnic area and a sala proposes welcome shade in the heat of the day. In the evenings this is where the locals come to exercise, go jogging or just chill out. There are many very good restaurants presenting excellent Thai cuisine. Take pleasure in the spectacular views and get a fix of some wonderful Thai food whilst sitting out the rain. You can be assured of all the positive reviews of this resto!

Phuket Trickeye Museum
The Phuket Trickeye Museum is an interactive 3D attraction that depends on a 'trompe d'oeil' or trick of the eye to achieve a result of and thinking a diverse reality. Art techniques in backgrounds of paintings are used to generate optical illusions so that when somebody arrives 'the picture' or scene, it seems that they are part of it themselves. Discover yourself in unfamiliar and crazy situations. Be ready to appear silly and above all, have fun!

Siam Niramit
When the rain is still pouring down in the evening, watch a show! Siam Niramit is one of those you need see performance that displays Thailand's arts and cultural heritage. You can never hear complaints from the viewers for sure. More than 100 actors perform in beautiful costumes among gorgeously ornamented set pieces. The remarkable special effects generate a realistic experience and consist of the appearance of a river on stage, realistic rain, angels flying through the air, etc. There is as well a pre-show entertainment, a Thai village, floating market and a restaurant.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rainy Days in Algarve – Survival Tips

The weather in the Algarve is typically very fine. With a usual of over 300 days of sunshine each year, not a lot rain falls in the Algarve. You can compare it to pretty much anywhere else in Europe and far from Jakarta Indonesia. On the other hand, that does leave 65 days when there is the possibility that rain will fall and possibly enforce an alteration from Plan A to Plan B.  Here are a few useful tips by Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore for some great rainy day activities in the Algarve.

Go to the beach
You can’t top a refreshing walk along the beach in stormy weather. – Take note, the Algarve has stunning beaches. Elementally stimulating and with a fortified coffee at the end, is invigorating. Drink some locally brewed Medronho to heat each cell in your body should you get caught in the rain. Throughout the most silent winter months, the beaches are near empty and ideal for romantic walks and soulful meditation.

Die hard surfers will not be stopped by a spot of rain, and those tempestuous days can sometimes be the best for surfing. The Algarve is one of the best surf destinations in the world with Sagres and the western coast, the Costa Vicentina offering some great surfing spots. Read reviews from the visitors. 

Acquire more regarding the local history to avoid the scam
The Algarve has numerous interesting galleries and museums displaying the regions rich history. They are generally cheap to visit. Silves, Tavira and Lagosare perhaps the most exciting towns in the Algarve from an historical point of view, and have remarkable, castles, cathedrals and town walls to verify it. Though, even resorts like Vilamoura can amaze with their amusing past – take a look at the Cerro da Vila museum next to the marina and witness the fabulous roman remains there. Or visit the magnificent Estoi palace, the Sardine Museum in Portimão or the megalithic remains at Alcalar, just outside Portimão. Artcatto art gallery in Loulé constantly has interesting exhibitions, and you can fuse a visit there with a trip to the Loulé produce market – at all times a great experience, bursting with noise, smells and strange sights.

Family Time
Warning! Family holidays and rain can be a difficult combination. Fortunately in the Algarve you have the Centros de Ciencias Vivas – Living Science Centres – in Faro and Lagos. These are astonishingly good value sites for educational and interactive family fun whereas kids can acquire all sorts of bizarre and superb things.

Karting is great for entertainment, but then again not in the rain. Enter the Hot Wheels Indoor Karting track at Albufeira marina - 400m of speedy track, tricky corners and inviting stretches, all indoors so ideal in any weather. There are 200cc karts for the adults and 160cc karts for juniors.

Indulge in some local food 
Portuguese food is scrumptious no matter the weather. The rain that does fall in the Algarve typically does so throughout the winter months, in perfect synch with local restaurant menus that offer hearty stews at this time of year. Begin with a homemade soup, next with a tasty lamb stew, or some wild boar, hare or rabbit. Complement with some good Algarve and Portuguese wine and the rain will quickly diminish to the background.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tips for the Ideal Berlin Weekend

Review and make some research

Proceed online or take a guidebook and do a little research to discover what the city can provide. If you enjoy museums look online and pick which ones you want to go to. If you are into a specific music style, ensure you catch on venues that play the material you prefer. Some attractions such as the Reichstag or the Sammlung Boros will require advanced booking so ensure if they are on your want to do list, that you book your ticket. You must know that most shops are shut on Sundays if you want to go shopping (but there are great selections of Sunday flea markets).

Make a tour but avoid scams!

Do a tour if it is your first time visiting Berlin. A tour will help you know the geography along with the culture and history of the city. There are many great companies offering a diversity of several tours. Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore bid a range of best walking tours from their general Berlin tour to more precise ones on topics like Third Reich History, Cold War, or Berlin Today. If you are considering something less mainstream, they also offer numerous walking tours which dig into Berlin's different scene where you'll get to see many of Berlin's street art and hear regarding their unique subcultures which make up Berlin. There are bike, bus, and boat tours on offer too if you do not like walking. Ensure you ask your guide for their hot tips for bars, clubs or usual restaurants you'll get some great local recommendations.

Determine what kind of weekend you crave

What do you want to do, is it a weekend of partying or do you want to hit the shops or markets, maybe it is a day of relaxing on the river with a cocktail your impression of perfection or are you enthusiastic to spend every waking hour plunging yourself in Berlin's rich history? To a certain extent you can mix a bit of everything, however you must have knowledge of whatever you like to get out of the weekend so you can slim down your choices.

Be flexible

If you are having a remarkable time in a bar, and your just met friends recommend a new cool bar or club go for it! Many have discovered some remarkable places this way, and providing you show some common sense as far as safety goes, there is not a lot that can go wrong. Make sure that this newly found friend isn’t a fraud first; we do not want to risk your security.

If terrible weather puts the kibosh on your outdoor schedules, use the chance to check out one of Berlin's museums or locate a local bar to spend some time in.

Think about where you are going to stay

Every locality has a diverse style and feel and will interest various kinds of visitor so make certain you do a bit of research. If you are considering to party hard you will want to stay in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. If you like Boutique shopping, try Charlottenburg, Mitte, or Prenzlauer Berg. Pick where you will stay centered on what you are typically planning to do. This will lessen your travel time/cost and you will be able to spend more time enjoying your weekend.

Discover where the locals go

You can have an excellent weekend hanging out with other travelers and getting drunk in the hostel bar or the German themed tourist restaurant. Inquire around, though, and you are about to find some gems that are out of your plan. Chat with hotel staff, shop keepers, and tour guides. If you ask politely, that they will have some favorite spots they will be delighted to share. Berliners are much honored of their city, and even though can be a bit abrupt or dry, they are normally very accommodating and warm hearted.

Warning! Keep your expectations realistic

Yes, Berlin is wonderful, and yes, everybody is frenzied about how incredible it is, however Berlin is a city which can sometimes take a little time to fall in love with as well. It is big, not remarkably beautiful, and the locals can sometimes come across as rude. And can be compared to Jakarta Indonesia regarding business and traffic. A weekend is a little time and if one plan goes crooked or the weather is bad it could expect disaster except you are prepared to go with the flow and turn things upside down.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Heathrow introduces world’s first ‘on-board picnic’ service

Travelers can take hampers arranged by Heathrow restaurants on flights, counting pizzas and meals by Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay.

Heathrow Airport is presenting passengers an “on-board picnic” dining selection where they can be able to convey a “bespoke hamper” with them on their flight. The service is offered from today at all of Heathrow's 118 restaurants thru its five terminals. The 49 varieties included diversity from chain cafés, like Pret a Manger and EAT, to restaurants counting Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionist Café and Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food, plus Caviar House and The Gorgeous Kitchen.

The hampers differ in price and size agreeing to venue, however usually cost between £5 and £50 and are around 40 x 20 x 10cm. All are collapsible and intended to be effortlessly stuffed away under the seat or in the overhead locker. Some hampers are insulated bags aimed to “ensure the food retains maximum taste and freshness at 35,000 feet”, maintaining hot food warm and cold food cool, like the ones from Caviar House which features an ice compartment. Passengers who give back their insulated bags to Caviar House are presented a 15 per cent discount on their next on-board picnic acquisition.

Hampers can be custom-made to meet any dietary necessities upon demand at each of the restaurants and can be ready-to-go or ready in about 15 minutes, liable on the type of meal chosen. The Perfectionists’ Café is believed to offer pizzas to go in about a minute.

Travellers can taster the offerings of the on-board picnics offered in Terminal 2 at a pop-up “park” which launches at the terminal to mark the fresh service.

The park space, set up in partnership with the Royal Parks Foundation, features the “scents of freshly cut grass and plants, the sounds of birds chirping” and sunlight-type lighting in addition to a park bench, a lamp post and even street signs to help generate a urban park-like feel.

Passenger can get into the "park" and the food tasters from this month between 7am-8am, 12pm-1pm and 7pm-8pm every day until September 24.

British Airways (BA) said it welcomes the new picnic service, and doesn't envisage it affecting cabin space usage or creating too much extra rubbish to be cleared from passengers who bring a hamper on board.

"If customers wish to bring their own food on board, they are very welcome to," said a spokesperson for BA.

Beginning at £5, the new picnics might even be a more within your means in-flight dining option for travellers when matched to budget airline food prices.

Passengers on an easy Jet flight can anticipate paying about £6.20 for a meal that contains a sandwich, a snack and a soft drink, or £6.90 when ordered with either a hot drink or soup as a substitute.

Ryanair's in-flight food prices array from about £3.57 (€4.50) for a sandwich and between £1.19-£4.76 (€1.50-€6) for snacks, to £1.59-£2.78 (€2-€3.50) for a soft or hot drink.

According to research by, last year, airlines were found to charge up to 2,600 per cent more than supermarkets for in-flight food and drink.

Budget carriers like easy Jet and Ryanair were singled out for harnessing the major mark-ups while the largest price upsurges were discovered on hot drinks.

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore is more than happy for their customers to announce this news above. The company is not only servicing SE Asian Countries such as KL Malaysia, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia and many more but all in whichever part of the country you may wish, even Europe perhaps.