Thursday, March 20, 2014

Places to visit in Jakarta, Indonesia

Looking for places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia?

There is no doubt that Jakarta is the heart and soul of Indonesia and one of the most exciting places to visit in Southeast Asia to enjoy an electrifying nightlife and shopping experience.

Whether you are visiting Jakarta on a stop-over trip to Bali, or visiting Jakarta on a long vacation, westhill consulting travel & Tours Singapore is hoping you’ll find plenty interesting places to visit and things to do in Jakarta besides shopping. Here are some tips! Have fun!

Merdeka Square

Historic Merdeka Square is Jakarta’s most important square and one of the top tourist sights in the city to visit because of other nearby attractions such as Merdeka Palace, Istiqlal Mosque and the National Museum of Indonesia.

In the heart of Merdeka Square, you’ll find the famed National Monument (pictured) surrounded by beautiful sculptured carved works depicting the history of Indonesia.

Inside the base of the National Monument, you’ll find the National History Museum and the Hall of Independence, both great places to learn about Indonesian history.

The square is also the focal point in the city at night when the National Monument is lit up. Within the vicinity, you'll also many landmarks, statues, parks such as West Merdeka Park where you can witness fun events like the fountain water show.

Taman Park

Taman Park, also known as Mini Indonesia Indah, is another of the places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia where everyone can have a fun day out.

Taman Park is one of the largest green areas in the city and a great place to unwind, do some bird-spotting and enjoy a picnic while taking in the lovely scenery.

The park also boasts the popular Indonesia Miniature Park where you can get a nice scaled overview of places in Indonesia such as Sumatra and Borneo. Within the park, you’ll also find many museums, an IMAX theatre and an Aquarium.

Jakarta Old Town

Jakarta Old Town is another of the places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia where you’ll find many more interesting tourist sights such as the Jakarta Kota Station and Jakarta Old Port.

Jakarta’s old port – Sunda Kelapa - is a great place to visit in itself because of the 12th century wooden ships and the port’s lookout tower, which offers great views of the port and the area around.

In Jakarta old town, you can also marvel at Dutch colonial-style buildings and visit many interesting places such as the Maritime museum, Jakarta History Museum and the Wayang museum which features a cool collection of puppets and dolls.

The Jakarta history museum is also worth passing by, as you can see more interesting pre-colonial and colonial artifacts and items such as old maps, stone tablets, paintings, swords, etc.

Jakarta Ancol Dreamland

If you’re traveling to Jakarta with the family and are looking for things to do in Jakarta with kids and teenagers, there is no better place to do this than at Jakarta’s largest recreation park – Ancol Dreamland.

Ancol Dreamland is located on the north coast of Jakarta overlooking the beautiful Java Sea, and it's a massive complex boasting a theme park, a Sea World, an aquarium and a fun Gondola cable car system which you can use to get around the recreation park and enjoy great views.

Jakarta’s Chinatown

If you’re looking to buy cheap CD’s, cameras and gadgets in general, Jakarta’s Chinatown in Glodok (Jakarta’s old town) is one of the best places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia to find all kind of cheap electronic goods.

Tanah Abang

Tanah Abang district is one the most upmarket areas in Jakarta and it’s a popular place to enjoy high end shopping and fine dining.

Not far from Tanag Abang Station, you’ll find Plaza Indonesia shopping mall and Grand Indonesia mall which are both home to fine restaurants, Sogo department stores, and designer boutiques such as Versace and Gucci. Tanag Abang is also home to the popular Tanag Abang textile market where you can shop for genuine Indonesian textiles like carpets and clothes.


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