Thursday, July 10, 2014

DO-IT-YOURSELF Travel to Jakarta, Indonesia

Every vegetarian fear while travelling is what to eat, where to eat and are the food there vegetarian friendly? Fear not vegetarians! Indonesia has dishes that vegans may be able to eat. Fried tofu with rice, gado-gado (Indonesian salad), tempe (soy beans), sayur (vegetable soup), and ketoprak (Indonesian salad with rice) are very common and easy to be found everyplace in the city. Jakarta has a lot to offer for non-vegetarians as well. From traditional cuisine, Italian, Japanese, to every big food chains that you know, Indonesia got it for you. To be able to complete your Indonesian experience, try the traditional foods: Soto (soup), Nasi goreng (Indonesian style fried rice), or rendang (beef). You will never be hungry in Indonesia since food is very affordable here. Food normal range is $1 – $3 (American Dollar).

If you are a wine lover, you have to try “ciu” and “anggur merah intisari” (local wines). While for local beers we have Anker, Bintang and Bali Hai. I do not recommend you to drink Bali Hai, unless you are that kind of people who drinks Budweiser.

Having band shows here will be most likely occur in Jalan Jaksa (Jaksa street, Sarinah area, central jakarta) since it has lots of affordable hostels for backpackers and most of them have websites. You will be offered a place to stay by people who arrange your show; otherwise, there are lots of options. Price range are from $10 – $100 per nights. You can also find home-stay via online. If you insist on staying at the Hotel, try Amaris, they offer $30-$50 per night.

Do not get surprised if you have never been to a third world country, be ready for traffic is everywhere and it’s really terrible. Moreover, air pollution and hot-humid weather is to some degree a very awful experience in the country that you need to keep in mind. Apart from that, it’s not that tough to get from place to place in the city. There is an inner city transit bus called Transjakarta, minibus, bus, bajaj (a three wheel vehicle), ojek (motorcycle taxi), and taxi. When you arrived at the airport, go find the security guard or airport staff to find the taxi places; otherwise you will get ripped off with by illegal taxi driver (there are tons of them waiting in front of the airport)

You can enjoy local gigs, from hardcore to traditional music since we have it all covered for you. Common venues for hardcore & punk gigs: “Rossi Music” in Fatmawati South Jakarta, “Kafe 79″ Kemang area South Jakarta, “Lumbung Padi” Kemang area South Jakarta. Metal gigs: mostly on Sunday evening at “Bulungan” Blok M South Jakarta. Alternative/post-rock/others: Jaya Pub central Jakarta, Rolling Stone Cafe South Jakarta, Marley’s bar South Jakarta. Go check out this band when you can: Antiseptic, Straight Answer, Ghaust, Duct-tape Surgery, and Grave Dancer

Drinking places: Try Melly’s in Sarinah Central Jakarta, or Najong at pondok pinang South Jakarta. Those two have an affordable below normal rates for beer: $1 – $3. If you are looking for normal prices, try Dehoi in Pondok Indah or Tokove in Kemang.

Record stores: Movement records, Taman puring (second floor), Aksara, and Anti-music are located in South Jakarta.

Here are the things you must not do, says Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore. Talking to strangers at the airport is something you must not do. Most likely they are illegal taxi drivers trying to get you inside their car. Do not wear a jacket during daytime unless you’re riding motorcycle or feeling like having a weird sauna in public. Do not bring too much amount of cash in your wallet/pocket. Just in case you’re having bad luck.

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