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Jakarta Travel Guide

Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia with a role as the capital of Indonesia as well as the government center of Indonesia. Jakarta is also one of the 33 provinces in Indonesia, and therefore governed by a governor who reports to the President of Indonesia through the Internal Affairs Minister. Due to the multi role as both a province and the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta then given a status of Special Capital Region (Daerah Khusus Ibukota=DKI). DKI Jakarta has five municipalities and administrative regency. The five municipalities are North Jakarta (Jakarta Utara), East Jakarta (Jakarta Timur), West Jakarta (Jakarta Barat), South Jakarta (Jakarta Selatan), Central Jakarta (Jakarta Pusat), and Thousand Islands Regency (Kepulauan Seribu). Each municipality headed by a Mayor who assists to prepare the planning of their region. Thousand Island is headed by a Regent who’s responsible on the financial matters.


The history of Jakarta began from a small port at the mouth of Ciliwung River, centuries ago. The port city then emerged to become a busy international trading center. Journals of European journalist in 16th century mentioned that there’s a city, named Kalapa (Kelapa in Sundanese called kalapa, means coconut), seemed as the main port for a Hindu Kingdom named Sunda, with a capital of Pajajaran, located near to the current location of Bogor. Portuguese was the first fleet from Europe that arrived at Kalapa Port.

Proclamation MonumentThe port city was then attacked by its neighbor, Demak Kingdom, under the leadership of Fatahillah. On 22nd June, 1527, Kelapa Port was taken away and the name was then changed to Jayakarta, which meant a city of glory and victory. 22nd June1527 then recognized as birthday of Jakarta. Dutch fleet arrived at the 16th century which soon dominated Jayakarta and changed the name to Batavia. At the era when Japanese dominated Indonesia, from 1942 to 1945, the name of Batavia was changed to Jakarta. On 17th August 1945, Ir. Soekarno proclaimed the freedom of Indonesia in Jakarta, when red and white flag of Indonesia was officially raised for the first time. The sovereignty of Indonesia officially acknowledged in 1949 after Indonesia joined the United Nation. In 1966 Jakarta was officially announced as the capital of Indonesia.


Total population of Jakarta is about 10 million people. The population of Jakarta is increased at day time when the workers whose resident are at small towns around Jakarta like Bekasi, Tangerang, Bogor and Depok coming to Jakarta for work. East Jakarta which population is about two million people is the most populated municipality, while Thousand Islands with about 20,000 population is the least populated regency. Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) is the language used in daily conversation. Regional languages still used by those people originated from the same region. However, since Jakarta people originated from various ethnicities so the main language used is Indonesian language. For some of Jakarta people such as students, workers or businessmen, English start to be commonly used. Other foreign languages that were interesting to be studied by some of Jakarta people are Dutch, France, Germany, Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese.


The ethnic of Betawi is the original people lived in Jakarta. At the beginning of Jakarta city, there were some people from different ethnics like Sundanese, Javanese, Balinese, Malayan, Maluku people, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabian, Indian and some other ethnics living in Jakarta brought various kind of culture to Jakarta. The colloquial language used in daily communication was Malay with some influence of Portuguese, Chinese and English on the dialect. Those people from different ethnics then slowly assimilated one another and finally lost of their original culture. From the assimilation process of those ethnics then a new kind of ethnic was born, that was Betawi. Betawi people have a unique culture that easily recognized from their dialect, cloth, and arts. Situ Babakan, a cultural preserve, was founded to preserve the culture of Betawi people.

Interesting Places in Jakarta

Jakarta is a metropolitan city which has millions enchantments to enjoy. There are many comfortable malls and luxurious plazas for shopping, entertainment places like bars, night club, discotheques and live music, as well as international restaurants serving good taste cuisines. Besides modernity, there’re many simplicity you could see in Jakarta, such as small shops (warung) under the tent, sidewalk shops, bajaj (three wheeled vehicle), and bicycle ojek (ride by bicycle).

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Top 5 Most Romantic Beach Getaways in South East Asia

With the Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's never too late to book a ticket and plan your next romantic getaway.  If you and you're honey are up to some dash of adventure, South East Asia is the perfect destination for you. As the region boasts some of the best beaches in the world, it is your gateway to an early summer sand frolic and memories of sweet nothings that are meant to last for a lifetime. 

Boracay, Philippines
The island has been known to be one of the best acclaimed beaches in the world. Located on the northwest corner of Panay Island in the Philippines, the seven kilometer island is home to long beaches, fine white sand and breath taking sunsets. It's also been known to have vast selection of restaurants and resorts, which can set a perfect ambiance to your romantic date. If you're up for some action, various water sports and hiking trails are available for your leisure at a fraction of the cost. Bazaars are also set-up that features local Filipino crafts and delicacies. Nightlife is buzzing with multiple events set-up all year long.

For many tourists who've been to the island, it's a destination they say that would keep you coming back for more.

Bali, Indonesia
Surf's up for the surfing enthusiast. The most well-known and smallest island of Indonesia lies in the east of Java only separated by the Bali Strait. The island is around 112 km long and features mountain ranges with peaks as high as 3,000 meters. More than just a mecca for surfers, it features diverse and exquisite wildlife as well as ancient temples that remind the island of its historic past. Its tourist friendly ambiance is a great first stop if you're travelling in Asia for the first time. Diving, surfing and hiking are only some of the activities you can do in the island. Once there, you'd be surprised of the number of options you can add in your itinerary.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
You probably saw Koh Phi Phi in the adventure drama film "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The small archipelago is composed of 6 islands in the province of Krabi, Thailand. The distinct feature of the island is its population diversity aside from lush wildlife. Buddhist, Thai's, Malay Muslims and indigenous groups have settled to the island and have lived in harmony. Going around the island Koh Phi Phi also very convenient as the biggest island, Ko Phi Phi Don is only about 8 km long. World renowned Thai cuisine reflects the plates of every restaurant in the island. If you are up to some gastronomic adventure, not only do you have the option of trying the best dinning places but can even learn how to make it by yourself. Multiple classes are offered in Koh Phi Phi with program schedules that can be customized to your need.    

El Nido, Philippines
The tranquility of the island is contagious to any traveler. The majestic limestone formation of El Nido would impress outdoor lovers around the globe.  A part of the province of Palawan, it has been recently named as the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines according to the CNN Go's report.  It hosts 50 white sand beaches, various endangered species, and a vast coral formation. Palawan is also known as "The Last Frontier" with the island's Tubataha Reef Marine National Park named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This hidden jewel is perfect for lovers that want to elude densely populated tourist destinations.

Redang, Malaysia
A great place for honeymoons and weddings, the island of Redang is a perfect backdrop to your beach nuptial photos. The island is known for crystal clear waters, fine white sand and spectacular skyline. It is also a good spot for underwater tourism with historic shipwrecks found in its waters. The richness of flavor found in Malaysian food never escaped the island. With top of the line beach resorts and international hotels, a commodity is worth every dime you spend.

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Favehotel Opens in Melawai, Jakarta

Archipelago International has expanded its portfolio of favehotels in Indonesia with the opening of the favehotel Melawai Jakarta.

Set within the most happening area of Melawai, the favehotel Melawai Jakarta is situated just around the corner from the main street, Jl. Melawai 4, which has long been a hit with younger city dwellers.

 The hotel sits in the very heart of Block M inside Block M Square, Jakarta’s famous Japanese enclave known as “Little Tokyo” that teams an excellent range of shopping options and thriving nightlife. Shopaholics can also enjoy the larger and more exclusive shopping outlets at the nearby Pasaraya Grande.

The hotel features 101 rooms complete with complimentary high-speed WiFi throughout the entire hotel.

 The rooms feature LED TVs, security key card systems, air conditioning, in-room safes and top of the line Serta beds with high knot count cotton linens.

There are also 3 meeting rooms and parking space, while the all day café-shop is a quite spot for light bites and casual coffee breaks.

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Consumer Reports: Tips to Find the Best Travel Deals

Consumer Reports: Tips to find the best travel deals

Need a vacay, like, right now? ShopSmart, the shopping magazine from the publisher of Consumer Reports, suggests these sites that make last-minute travel cheap and easy to book. Each one of them meets ShopSmart’s requirements for contact info disclosure and customer service.

In addition, check out the last-minute travel sections of the Big Three sites (Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity). And try (800-468-3578) for super-low unpublished room deals.


BEST FOR living like a local. Users can rent private rooms in people’s homes or entire homes. With more than half a million listings (including 600 castles) in 34,000 cities, it can save you from a bland hotel -- and save you money. ShopSmart found an entire three-bedroom house in the Riverdale section of New York City, just minutes north of Manhattan, for $150 per night. Safety tip: Opt for hosts with a Verified ID badge; they provide proof of identity.


BEST FOR finding a hotel room. Get the best of both worlds: Search every hotel in a city and book your favorite (you don’t pay until you show up). The Best Price Guarantee means if you see a cheaper price, the site will match it. But discounts such as AAA’s aren’t covered.


BEST FOR nice surprises. Feeling adventurous? With GetGoing’s Pick Two, Get One program, you enter your preferred travel dates and the experience you want (say, a beach vacation or an outdoor adventure), and the website finds flights to different cities at up to 40 percent off. The site makes the final decision for you. After you enter your credit card info, you find out where you’re going on vacation.


BEST FOR group travel. These tools take the pain out of coordinating a group trip. You can all vote on a location, book flights and accommodations, agree on your itinerary and even split shared costs. Join the rewards program to earn points for everything you do. Points are redeemable for gift cards and more.

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Westhill Consulting Travel &Tours Singapore is proud to announce personalized escorted tours in three major Asian cities

Thinking of the first to do in a foreign city on your first day? You may try being adventurous, come what may and do whatever.  Or why not, let us organize your tour with a local travel guide.  This is a way to revolutionize the way you explore new destinations through Westhill Consulting Travel & Tours. 

Is it a walking tour with a difference that you wanted or an adrenaline-fuelled activity that thrills you the most?  Westhill connects you to the place and will make your stay memorable and enjoyable.  This can be seen in the company’s past success overseas launching tours in many other Asian cities, such as Bangkok Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia.

The recent launch of personalized travel guides has meant that quintessentially Asian pastimes such as picnics, shopping at the night markets and many various activities each country has to offer are now available to buy as a group or individual experiences.  Instead of using big name tour companies, we are utilizing the girl or guy-next door types sharing their insider knowledge of the city.

Jason is an architect and enthusiastic music lover.  Jason will escort 1-4 people around the best insider music venues in Bangkok. Very practical knowledge for the music lovers.

Karol is obsessed with fashion.  When she’s not working at a Jakarta design house she’s offering fashionistas like her an opportunity to see the normally unseen world of clothes shopping in Jakarta.

This is just a glimpse of what’s on offer as the collection of guides goes on with to growing daily.  By means of linking compatible people and serving travelers obtain the most out of a visit, the company is fast-becoming the go-to tool for planning activities and trips during city breaks.

CEO and Co-founder says: “looking for an experience off-the-beaten track is the Holy Grail for travelers, but they’re not that easy to come by.  What we’re doing with Westhill is giving the people the chance to bond and travel around a city in ways that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.  We are here to assure you will have the greatest time of your life”

He also says that our travel escorts are trained in giving out tips on things such as how to avoid scams while travelling to whatever city you choose. Our travel escorts have full Westhill ID, please check to avoid complaints.

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Enjoying Jakarta with Mercure Convention Centre Ancol Help

I am so glad that I turned to Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, I knew I wouldn’t get disappointed.  They booked me at Mercure Convention Centre Ancol.  I was so glad because I just told them what I needed and preferred location and that’s it, the hotel is perfect for me.

Location wise, it is very perfect as it is very near the places I need to go since I am here for business.  The hotel is located in the popular tourist destination of North Jakarta, just a short walk from the hotel is Ancol Dreamland.  How cool is that?
Everyone at the hotel was very professional, the front desk duty was very pleasant and helpful at all times.  You can sense that they have value for money.  What I like about this place is, it is a resort hotel with nice pool and slides for children.  Hotel corridors were impressive.

Ancol main attraction, Dunia Fantancy, was fun.  I enjoyed it a lot. This is the one of the reasons why I enjoyed my stay there and probably the reason that I will go back.  My only complaint was the hotel should provide shuttle which is around 2 to 3 Km away by walk from the theme park entrance.  But walking is okay for me though, but to others it isn’t.
I appreciate the fact that even though their customers go in and out from the beach, especially with kids, they have maintained the cleanliness and odor of the alley.  The room was nice, air-conditioning worked properly, tv too, bathroom was comfy.  Nothing to complain about. They are large and comfortable, and offer slippers and a mini bar.  A hair dryer, wireless internet access and complimentary toiletries can be found in each room of the hotel. Bathrooms in the hotel feature a shower and bathrobes.

They also offer a fitness centre and outdoor tennis courts, the Mercure Convention Centre Ancol is situated on the beachfront. It features beach views and 4-star rooms.

I also love that the facilities at the Mercure include a ballroom, a kids club and a poolside snack bar. The hotel also provides family rooms, a coffee bar and 24 hour room service. Recreational facilities at the hotel include billiards, a garden and a playground.

I enjoyed a unique dining experience at the bar and traditional restaurant. The hotel's comfortable restaurant is open for breakfast.  Overall, I like the hotel.
But I must give you a warning though, be aware of scams.  Well, it is common everywhere and they always targets tourists and foreigners.

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Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel

I booked a vacation from Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours and I can say it was the best vacation ever. They booked me at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel and I couldn’t be more happier with their choice.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first set foot in the hotel, the place was simply stunning.  My expectations from a 5-star hotel were all met.  I love my stay at the hotel and it made my whole vacation more enjoyable. 

It was so relaxing that after a long day of exploring the city I look forward on going back to the hotel and pamper myself.

The first thing I tried was their sauna and the outdoor pool. Perfect after a long air trip. All the tiredness were all gone.  Although I did not try their wellness centre and the fitness centre because I have no time to do so, I did try to visit and check it out.  I was so impressed with all the facilities, all were modern and up-to-date.  Too bad I didn’t get to try an executive floor and a poolside snack bar.  But of course I checked them out too, those wouldn’t skip my eyes.  Not to mention all the staff were very friendly and approachable.

I am a self-confessed workaholic and I couldn’t afford not to check on my business every once in a while even though I am on vacation.  I am very thankful that Pullman Jakarta Indonesia provides Wi-Fi within the hotel, meaning I never had a problem staying connected during my whole stay. 

All rooms were air-conditioned; I didn’t feel any discomfort at all.  My room was very modern and large; I have a mini bar and a flat-screen TV.  And my private bathroom and shower, I was impressed!  I just loved it, very comfortable.  My only complaint was I couldn’t adjust my air-conditioners thermostat. I ended up too cold in the middle of he night, but that was just it.

The hotel restaurant is open for breakfast and serves Japanese, International and Asian dishes and of course the authentic Jakarta dishes were also served.

I also loved the fact that the hotel has a very convenient location, it is within a 10 minute walk of Merdeka Palace, Jakarta Cathedral and Gedung Kesenian Jakarta and within a 20 minute walk is the National Monument.  The multilingual staff at the hotel will make sure your stay is comfortable.  But just a warning though, is very cautious with the scam some taxi drivers are pulling more especially to tourists.

Here are some general information, I thought these might help you.


Room Service, Restaurant, Bar / Lounge, Air Conditioned, Mini Bar, TV, Shower, En suite, Private Bathroom, Private Toilet, Poolside Bar


Fitness Room/Gym, Massage / Beauty Centre, Bath / Hot Tub, Garden, Salon, Massage, Spa & Wellness Centre, Beauty Salon


Business Center, Concierge, Elevator / Lift, 24-Hour Reception, Dry Cleaning, Babysitting / Child Services, Banquet Facilities, Conference Room(s), Currency Exchange, Multilingual Staff, Safe-Deposit Box, Secretarial Service, Porters, Wake-up Service, Meeting Rooms, Laundry Service, Photocopier, Ballroom, Executive Floor, Luggage Storage, Shops in Hotel, Self-Laundry


High-speed Internet is available at this hotel.  Wireless internet on site


Valet parking is offered at the hotel


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2013's Growing Number of Tourists in Indonesia Meets Government Target

On Monday (03/02), Statistics Indonesia released various data regarding Indonesia's tourism sector. According to the institution, the number of foreign tourist in Indonesia increased 9.42 percent to 8.80 million people in the full year of 2013. Foreign exchange earnings from the tourism sector grew 11.0 percent to USD $10.1 billion from USD $9.1 billion in 2012. This means that - on average - each foreign tourist spent USD $1,142 per visit in 2013 despite the average length of stay slightly declining from 7.7 days to 7.5 days.

The growth from 8.04 million to 8.8 million foreign tourists, which exceeded the government's target, was attributed to successful tourism promotional activities abroad as well as several big international events that were held over the past year (for example the APEC conference in Bali).

The most important points of entry in 2013 were still Bali, Jakarta and Batam. More than 6.81 million foreign tourists entered Indonesia in one of these three locations.

Of the average amount of USD $1,142 that a foreign tourist spends during his holiday in Indonesia, 48.9 percent is allocated to accomodation expenses, 17.7 percent to food and drinks, and 7.9 percent to souvenirs.

Meanwhile, domestic tourism is also growing. In 2013, 245 million domestic tourist trips were organized, an increase of 1.21 percent from the previous year. On average, a domestic tourist spends IDR 711,000 (USD $58.3) per trip.

Between 2007 and 2013, foreign tourists numbers are showing an increasing trend (see table below). This is partly due to a reduction in terrorist incidents aimed at western targets. A series of terrorist attacks between 2002 and 2005 caused the growth in foreign tourists to stagnate, while the attack on the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton in 2009 led to limited foreign tourism growth in 2009. In the last four years, however, there have been no terrorist incidents directed at foreign targets.

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours supports Indonesia tourism via affordable packages available on their website.

Top Tips for Travel for the Year Ahead

Pól Ó Conghaile has just been named the Travel Extra Travel Journalist of the Year, awarded for “his exceptional body of work” including articles written for the Irish Examiner and the National Geographic.

TWO-thirds of Irish workers don’t take their full annual leave, according to a survey by Respondents fail to take the holidays to which they are entitled “because they are too busy” or “they just don’t get around to taking them”.

This is at odds with how much we complain about stress. It can’t be entirely about the money, either. Surely, most of us can afford to take a day or two off to explore our own backyard?

Then, it struck me. Travel has changed over the recession. Because so many of us have been financially pinched, we haven’t kept up with those changes.

Thomas Cook’s decision to cease operating Irish charters, from April 30, demonstrates that traditional holidays are in flux.

‘Dynamic packaging’ is one of the travel buzzwords du jour, with licensed and bonded online companies, like, and, allowing consumers to package scheduled flights with accommodation into holidays that suit.

That means more midweek departures, a wider selection of readily accessible short breaks, and real savings — provided you travel off-peak

Faced with increasing competition online, not to mention the fact that Aer Lingus and Ryanair now fly directly to destinations like Malaga, Corfu and the Canary Islands, tour operators have had to get creative. That’s good news for holidaymakers, as anyone flicking through the special offers, package deals, and holiday suggestions in today’s Weekend travel special will see.

Thomas Cook is on the way out, but 2014 sees Falcon fly to Rhodes, direct Aer Lingus flights to San Francisco and Toronto, from April, double-daily services from Dublin to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and a host of new Ryanair routes from Shannon, and other airports.

I still advise talking to a travel expert before booking a holiday.

That applies particularly to families, and for big splashes, like honeymoons. Transfers, reps and free-hold baggage are incentives, too.

1) Get your timing right...
Travel will always change, but certain truths remain evergreen. Holidaymakers with the freedom to travel off-peak (i.e. outside of weekends and school holidays) score the biggest savings. Even changing your departure by a few days can make a difference. Going to press, for example, a week’s skiing with a four-star hotel booked through Topflight ( in Söll, Austria cost from €1,179pp over the mid-term break (February 16-22). A week later the same holiday was €831pp.

2) Save the date...
Ryanair is the surprise travel story of the decade, with customer service improvements now including allocated seating, lower airport baggage fees and free small carry-on bags. June 1 ushers in ‘high season’, which sees Ryanair boost fees for the first 15kg bag from €15 to €25 and Aer Lingus up its lowest rates on 15kg bags from €15 to €20. ‘Low season’ rates return on October 1. Limit fees by restricting yourself to carry-on allowance.

3) Take to the river...
River cruise ships are smaller than their oceangoing counterparts, making not just for a more intimate experience, but for unrivalled access to inland towns, cities and countryside. Excursions are a big feature of programmes by Uniworld ( and AmaWaterways (, and this year sees Trailfinders ( publish its first river cruise brochure.

4) Try a luxury hostel...
2014 will be a breakthrough year for luxury hostels (or ‘poshtels’, if you prefer). They combine a more comfortable experience with the communal vibe and affordability of a hostel. Check for a list of the hottest properties in Europe, along with their en suite rooms, pools, saunas and more. The blog’s author, Kash Bhattacharya, is one of the experts in the area.

5) Value your time...
Experiential holidays will continue to grow in 2014, with niche offerings like foodie tours of Little Italy (New York) and cycling in the Dordogne (France) hooking into our increasing interest in memorable and shareable trips. Budget travellers will go to great lengths to save money, instead of spending two weeks on honeymoon in a four-star hotel, why not splurge on10 days in a five-star, or treat yourself to a direct flight?

6) Skip the queues...
Why do we persist in rocking up at the world’s biggest attractions without booking in advance? We book flights and hotel rooms ahead, and the same should apply for flagship attractions like the Vatican, Louvre or Rijksmuseum.

7) Pick a better airplane seat...
Flash new travel apps come and go — it’s the ones that stick around that matter.
Skyscanner is brilliant when it comes to comparing flight routes and prices, I’m predicting much more from Hotel Tonight in 2014, and is a good bet for getting the best possible seat on the plane.
Say I’m flying from Cork to Lanzarote with Aer Lingus next Saturday. By entering the airline, date and flight number (EI876) into SeatGuru’s app, I can pull up a map of the Airbus A320 on the route. There, I learn that not just the back rows (29) have limited recline, but so does Row 11 as well — due to the exit row behind.
Little things can go a long way — especially on long-haul flights.
If you’re travelling long-haul, check in online 24 hours ahead. “That’s when travellers with elite status often get upgraded,” says Wendy Perrin of Condé Nast Traveler. Eagle-eyed economy class passengers can pounce on the seats they leave vacant.

8) Do’s and don’ts for Disneyland Paris...
Disney’s current ‘Yes’ Days promotion offers up to two free days per family, so it’s certainly tempting to price up a trip. A successful visit depends on a few simple steps, however — namely using the Fastpass, reserving restaurants in advance, bringing the buggy and travelling midweek.

9) Shop around...
Before booking a holiday, check prices with several operators. Or better still, use sites like — which provide results from several operators like Topflight, Sunway and Falcon.
The Irish Travel Agents’ Association (ITAA) posts weekly special offers from its members on offers too. It’s a great resource for holiday bargains hot off the press.

10) The kids are all right...
Finding a family-friendly property is easier said than done.

One of my favourite new family travel websites is It not only selects cool, family-friendly properties in destinations all over the world, but lists the specific criteria that parents want to check — such as whether there’s a lift, dishwasher, changing table or high chair — as well as personal impressions and neighbourhood tips.

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KL’s finest Citrus Hotel Kuala Lumpur

KL’s finest Citrus Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Sometimes it gets frustrating going on vacation and finding a good place to stay the entire trip.  Vacations are supposed to relax you and keep you away from stress.  Hotel accommodations on the other hand, are supposed to give you the feeling of comfort away from home.  This is the reason why finding the perfect hotel is important and cost matters.  

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has become one of the most visited by travelers nowadays.  If you happened to visit the country and wanted to stay in the city yet far from the traffic-congested streets of KL, you can stay at the ten-storey building Citrus Hotel Kuala Lumpur.    

Citrus Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a four-star hotel situated along Jalan Raja Laut.  Location wise is very convenient since it is located just minutes away from Jalan Sultan Ismail STAR LRT and the Medan Tuanku Monorail station.  This hotel is only a short train ride away from local landmarks such as the PETRONAS Twin Towers, KLCC Park and KL Convention Centre.  

You can enjoy the hotel’s rooftop pool and gym to keep you occupied leisure-wise while business travelers may work at their business center available to help keep guests abreast in the office.

The hotel has 171 yellow, red and green rooms.  These rooms are a mixture of smoking and non-smoking units that are divided into four categories: Standard Room, Executive Room, Club Room and Executive Suite.  

Hotel features:

King, queen and twin bedded rooms
Individually controlled air-conditioning
IDD Telephone
Wireless Internet connection
Universal outlets
Writing table with desk chair
TV with satellite channels
In-room safety box
Complimentary coffee/tea making facilities
Mini fridge with fully stocked minibar (select rooms only)
Ensuite bathroom with bathtub with shower over tub


Citrus Café: International and local food. Serves a daily buffet breakfast, a la carte for lunch and dinner.
Limited hours for room service
Club Lounge: For those who book the Club Floor room types, guests can enjoy free flow of coffee/tea, soft drinks, juices and snacks all day long.

Services and Facilities:

24-hour reception and concierge
24-hour security
Business Center services
Meeting rooms
Club Lounge with Internet Stations
Outdoor swimming pool
WiFi Internet connection
Laundry and dry cleaning services
Airport transfer, limousine and tour services
Elevator access to guest rooms
Limited parking (first come, first serve basis)

Citrus Hotel Kuala Lumpur accepts Mastercard, Visa and Amex.  You can make reservation with them at or call our Central Reservations Office at +66 (0)2 168 7668


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Experience a well-earned rest at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

There is no doubt, Hong Kong has been a tourist destination for years because aside from Hong Kong Disneyland, there are numerous attractions here.  And the best way to enjoy your stay more is staying at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong.

This sky high, 56-story iconic masterpiece is a luxurious tower overlooking the city’s most prestigious shopping, cultural and business addresses.  You will enter feeling grand within this urban sanctuary.  It is remarkable with treasures waiting to be discovered.

You will find the "Great Motherland of China", the largest Chinese landscape silk painting in the world inside the atrium.  You will surely be mesmerized by how much it is grand and inspiring.  This piece of art is so stunning you will track of time as it feels like it stopped by its artistry.

But the wonders don’t end here as Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong has more to offer.

The Lobby Louge will welcome you with the 130-year-old Banyan Tree that will captivate you which had cost HKD 24million to conserve

Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong was honored as one of the best hotels in the world for dining by Conde Nast Traveler.  Experience Shangri-La's very own, Summer Palace before trying the other five choices of their six restaurants.  And is it shopping that you want?  Then you do not have to go far because Hong Kong's Pacific Place mall just below the hotel.

You deserved a well-earned rest, enjoy your vacation at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong.  The experienced staff at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, cater to the needs of guests by providing an extensive range of services and facilities.

24-hour Business Centre
24-hour Health Club
Complimentary Broadband Internet Access
Conference Facilities
Facilities for the Physically Challenged
Non-smoking Rooms
Parking Facilities
Safe Deposit Box

Butler Service in Suites
Complimentary Shoeshine Service
Concierge Service
Express Check-in and Check-out Services
Laundry Service
Medical Service
Photocopying Processing Service
Postal / Courier Service

Babysitting / Child Care

Travel & Transportation
Airport Transfer

Gift Shop
Foreign Exchange Counter
Shopping Arcade

Food & Beverages
24-hour Room Service
6 Restaurants
Pastry Shop
Lobby Lounge

Business Centre
The Business Centre at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, offers many business amenities for the discerning executive traveller.

Business amenities include:

Audiovisual Equipment
Computers With Broadband Access, Including Apple Macintosh
LCD, Overhead & Slide Projector
Meeting Rooms / Boardrooms
Mobile Phones

Binding Services
Conference Call / Videoconferencing Facilities
Courier & Facsimile Services
Internet Service
Laser Printing
Photocopier & Photocopying Services
Printers & Scanners
Word Processing / Translation / Interpretation Services


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Enjoy Luxury, Lifestlye and Heritage at once at Mamilla Hotel

Have your vacation right in the heart of the city and experience luxury, lifestyle and heritage  all at once at Mamilla Hotel.  Mamilla Hotel is a newest of luxury Jerusalem hotels with magnificent views of the Old City walls, the Tower of David, Jaffa Gate, and alongside Jerusalem's new shopping and entertainment experience, the Alrov Mamilla Avenue.  The hotel brings world-class superior design and lifestyle hospitality to Jerusalem and Israel.

Guests and visitors at the Mamilla Jerusalem Hotel enjoy exceptional accommodations together with exclusive restaurant and bar venues, a Holistic Wellbeing Center, as well as events and banqueting spaces, that blends sophistication and modern international style with the unique and rich culture of the City.

Piero Lissoni is the one responsible for the hotel’s visually stunning example of intimate, sophisticated contemporary design.  This exquisite design was one of the world's renowned designs, and is one the finest Jerusalem hotels.

The Jerusalem’s finest luxury accommodations is designed in collaboration with Alrov Luxury Hotels vision.  It also collaborated its commitment to excellence and execution, and in partnership with world-renowned architects Moshe Safdie and Piero Lissoni, the Mamilla Hotel incorporate contemporary comforts and distinctive furnishings create a unique ambience that both stimulates the senses and relaxes your body and soul.

The hotel features a world class facility with extraordinary rooms, exclusive restaurant and bar venues and incomparable service.  Experience the outstanding views of the Rooftop outdoor lounge and restaurant, through the iridescent ambience of the Mirror Bar, to the fascination of the Holistic Wellbeing Center, Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem is lead in a new period of luxury lifestyle hospitality.

Offering a exclusive blend of tailored attention, profundity of knowledge and flawless service, Mamilla Hotel's team of professionals are dedicated to providing an outstanding visitor experience for each and every guest.

Music is the universal language of mankind and Mamilla Hotel takes great pride in delivering an assortment of music playing throughout the hotel and its exclusive venues.  Music is one of the best ways to savor the present.

The Mamilla locality, home to Mamilla Hotel is uniquely located at the junction between Jerusalem of old and new.  Mamilla Hotel is next to Alrov Mamilla Avenue, Jerusalem's new shopping experience, with the view of the Old City walls, the Tower of David and Jaffa Gate and is within walking distance of many major touristic sites, and only a short taxi ride from several significant venues located outside the city center.

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