Thursday, April 23, 2015

Asia’s Martial Arts

We know Martial Arts have somehow originated in the regions of Asia. While people in western countries armed their rifles and guns in battle, people in the East depend on their body to fight. Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours listed some of the martial arts per country in Asia that you might need to attend to when you are traveling:

Lathi khela is a traditional martial art of Bangladesh and India that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks and other weapons. Lathi made by bamboo and other materials. Lathi khela teaches self-defense with sticks. One who specialized himself in wielding lathi and who lived on the martial art came to be known as lathial. The Lathial Bahini (group of lathials) performed various acts on the Eid or Puja occasion. Lathi Khela has a remarkable history but the popularity is on the wane now with the existence of fraud practices and strategies.

We all know Chinese Martial Arts which is also called Kung Fu. We find these fighting skills from Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Kung Fu, as a matter of fact have developed over the centuries in China. These fighting styles are often classified according to common traits, identified as "families" (; jiā), "sects" (; pài) or "schools" (; mén) of martial arts. Styles that focus on qi manipulation are called internal while others that concentrate on improving muscle and cardiovascular fitness are called "external".

Silat (Minangkabau: silek) is a collective word for indigenous martial arts from a geo-cultural area of Southeast Asia encompassing most of the Indonesian Archipelago including its capital, Jakarta, the Melayu of Indonesia and part of Melayu (Malay Peninsula), and the entirety of the Nusantara(South East Asia). Originally developed in what are now Indonesia, Melayu at Peninsular Malaysia, South Thailand, and Singapore.  There are hundreds of different styles but they tend to focus either on strikes, joint manipulation, throws, bladed weaponry, or some combination thereof. Silat is one of the sports included in the Southeast Asian Games and other region-wide competitions.


Korean martial arts are military practices and methods which have their place in the history of Korea but have been adapted for use by both military and non-military personnel as a method of personal growth or recreation. Among the best recognized Korean practices using weapons in reviews are traditional Korean Archery and Kumdo, the Korean sword sport similar to Japanese Kendo. The best known unarmed Korean Martial Arts Taekwondo and Hapkido though such traditional practices such as ssireum - Korean Wrestling - and taekkyeon - Korean Foot Fighting - are rapidly gaining in popularity both inside and outside of the country

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