Thursday, May 7, 2015

It’s Nice Having a Boring Long Road Trip

Have you ever been in a long trip and got bored along the way? Wouldn’t it be worse for your kids? Well, Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours thinks it shouldn’t be boring. Try to be more creative. This long boring trip may be a way to secure your bonding with your colleagues, family and friends with you. Here are some games you can review and play along the way:

1. The Alphabet Game

Everyone knows how to play — you go up and down the alphabet picking letters out of words you see from the car. Some people play where you can use license plate letters, which is total bullcrap.

The double alphabet game is a great variation. Only words that have at least two instances of one letter can count. 'Alligator' - A, 'Blueberry' - B, and so on. No one in recorded history has ever finished a round of the double alphabet game.

2. Car plate Abbreviation

This is the game Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours staff had invented when we were traveling Jakarta, Indonesia. Try to make up a meaning out of car plates that you pass by. You will be surprised on how hilarious this game will be. 

3. Fortunately / Unfortunately.

One person makes a statement, and the next person has to counter. Example: Person A: Fortunately, we have lots of snacks in the car. Person B: Unfortunately, they’re all covered in mold!

4. Name a country. 

The next person has to name a country that begins with the last letter of the previous country.

5. Car Colors. 

Everyone picks a color, and each person counts all of the passing cars in that color. Whoever reaches X number of cars first wins.

6. Would you rather X or Y?

Best game ever. All parties MUST answer. Example: Would you rather be able to read minds or be invisible? You might get a lot of complaints and heaps of laughter with this one. 

7. Alphabet Signs

Players must watch signs out the windows. The goal is to go through the alphabet (in alphabetical order), finding a word that begins with each letter while you are are "on" it. This is great for beginning readers and older people alike.

8. Alphabet Search

Same premise as alphabet signs, but in this game you are not looking for signs. You are looking for actual objects or physical entities that begin with the letter you are "on." This is much more challenging than it seems, because most people tend not to see visually and think in terms of words simultaneously.

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