Thursday, July 11, 2013

Find the Cheapest Hotels Online: Know the Secrets

Deciding on what hotel to stay can be very confusing sometimes with all the travel guides and online discounts sprouting all over.  Take it easy and do not rush, have some time to trim down your search by looking for other and sometimes less familiar or forgotten ways on how to get a cheaper hotel.  Remember that you can save so much more money if you are certain and you prioritize the things that you only need when in search of a hotel.

Look for definite or specific discounts.  Research online trough websites and have a habit of comparing hotel rates, such an example is compare Priceline or Travelocity.  Organize your list of price range from cheapest hotel to the most expensive.

For more potential discounts, visit the hotel’s website.  You look first for online coupons and membership discounts.  Some hotels, aside from their offers of discounts to AAA members or seniors they also allow you to sign up for a free hotel membership that can save you 10 to 20 percent off your daily rate during your next stay.

Know the type of accommodation that you want.  Search for hostels or hospitality online if you are not looking for luxuries but only a place to sleep and stay. or, check this two if travelling internationally but if travelling in a group you may consider bed and breakfast.  Check out for these lodging places individually on websites such as, Orbitz or Tripadvisor for the best rates.

You can book travelers package.  Make use of discount traveling websites to get budget-friendly rates on airfare and train fare, car rentals and hotels.  Think about how much will be spending if you book these items separately and see if you can save money with a package deal.  You may have a considerable amount of money to save if you boo a package that offers a 5-star hotel at a 2-star price, good deal right?

Purchase a gift card from an auction website such as eBay.  Hotels or other entities, sometimes, permit travelers to make low bids on special promotions, room rate discounts or extended-stay specials, like “buy one, get an additional night free” pass or certificate.

Be informed always by joining traveling clubs or your favorite hotel’s membership to receive emails on hotel discounts. You also can receive email alerts from AAA or Travelocity for current hotel rates at your favorite destinations.


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