Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What NOT TO DO When Travelling Abroad?

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore: What NOT TO DO When Travelling Abroad

Alcohol and Islam: Alcohol is normally prohibited in Muslim countries and if Muslims drink they won't do so in public so don't humiliate them with a gift of a bottle of any sort of alcohol. This is not cool in such places like Jakarta Indonesia, in UAE and many more.

Dogs and pigs are unclean animals in Islamic countries, as per their tradition, so your faux pas can be even larger when you offer a Muslim alcohol in a handmade pigskin bottle holder.

Public displays of affection: Warning public display of affection such as kissing are not allowed in places like Dubai or Jakarta, Indonesia while sex outside marriage is illegal in the whole of the UAE. 

Thumbs up or OK: in Iran a thumbs-up is called bilakh and means an unquestioned insult. Literally, it means “Sit on this” while in Brazil this gesture tells the other person that you are comparing him or her to a part of the human anatomy best not mentioned.

Patting someone's head — is a gesture of affection but not in Europe, patting a child on the head is demeaning if done to an adult even though it may seem like a friendly gesture. In Buddhist countries, touching it is insulting even for a small child because the head is regarded as sacred as the seat of soul,.

Pointing your finger: Finger pointing can be used to indicate a direction  but in Malaysia, however, people point with the whole fist and the thumb at the top indicating direction while Filipinos, on the other hand, point to an object by shifting their eyes towards it or pursing their lips and pointing to it with their mouth.

Dress code: In Muslim countries, warning! Showing flesh — especially by women — is very offensive.

Never enter a Japanese temple or home with the shoes on: In Japan and other countries in the East, it is habitual to take off your shoes and hat. The Japanese will habitually give you a pair of slippers to take you from the front door to their living room, where they should be removed before you step on the tatami (the red mat). Be careful, always wear clean socks!

Nod your head if you mean No: In most places nodding your head vertically up and down would indicate a "yes" and from side to side is a "no". Not in Bulgaria, where the "yes" and "no" nod are reversed.

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