Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore: Most Visited Countries in Asia

China: 57,581,000 foreign visitors/year. Like Jakarta Indonesia China is one of the most populous country but China despite receives a load of international tourists and these figures don’t even take Hong Kong or Macau into account, two independent cities of China that merge for about 30 million foreign entrances every year. The amount of visitors traveling to China is simply anticipated to upsurge, since the country remains to improve and open up its doors to international travelers. Top-tier fascinations in the country consist of the historic sights of Beijing, the city life of Shanghai, the mountains of Guilin and the Terracotta Army near Xi’an.

Malaysia: 24,714,000 foreign visitors/year. The doorway point for most visitors to Malaysia is the international airport at Kuala Lumpur, a city well-known for the Petronas Twin Towers and its exceptional shopping. However Malaysia has so much more to bid visitors than merely a city. For example, some of the world’s finest scuba diving is located in Sipadan off the coast of Borneo Malaysia, whereas the islands near the Malaysian Peninsula such as Tioman and Langkawi are some of the top beach destinations in Asia.

Hong Kong: 22,316,000 foreign visitors/year. Indeed, Hong Kong’s figures are increased by visitors from nearby Mainland China who come to Hong Kong in hordes to purchase luxury goods from its splendid shopping malls and to take advantage of its standing as a free port – no sales tax and no import tariffs. However, still, 22 million visitors for what chiefly compares to a city-state is rather remarkable! And although without the day trips of its shopaholic neighbors Hong Kong nevertheless collects almost nine million overnight visitors yearly.

Thailand: 19,230,000 foreign visitors/year. Reviews say it all! Thailand is an extremely famous travel destination, as its virgin beaches and tropical islands have been the focus of a innumerable number of films and holiday day dreams and its capital city, Bangkok, is the world’s most visited city, getting an astonishing 15,980,000 visitors per year. The top-secret to Thailand’s success: beautiful places, affordable prices and a hospitable people.

Macau: 12,925,000 foreign visitors/year. Similar to Hong Kong, Macau is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. The reason it’s not hustled mutually with China or Hong Kong according to World Bank statistics is since Macau keeps control over its own borders, like Hong Kong, and grants visa-free entry to over 60 nationalities. Many travelers visit Macau because of its world’s foremost gambling center, having exceeded even the mighty Las Vegas in gambling receipts. Warning, you might go home with an empty wallet!

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