Sunday, September 21, 2014

Least Visited Countries in Europe

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Moldova: 11,000 visitors/year. There are many reasons why Moldova is the least visited country and has few number of visitors such as it’s in between the Ukraine and Romania and is tough to enter to; it has no any iconic tourist attractions, however it does have some outstanding wineries; and part of the country, Transnistria, is a de-facto breakaway republic that is a relic to the glory days of the USSR. However if you’re looking to one-up your friends in the European travel game, there’s no better destination than Moldova. Reviews will prove you for sure.

Liechtenstein: 54,000 visitors/year
Liechtenstein only has a inhabitants of 36,000, so, all things measured; it’s in fact doing pretty well in the tourism game. And you will not ever have to worry about fraud. The minute principality is merely 160 square kilometers, or roughly the 1/5 the size of San Francisco, and is set high in the Alps sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. Vaduz, its capital city, has a little cool sight such as castle, wineries and a car-free city center. Nevertheless why settle for just visiting Liechtenstein when you can rule it. For just $70,000 per night, travelers can rent the whole country. Certainly, the residents stay – therefore it’s more of a sharing agreement – but then again guests get to hotplate handhold with the crown prince and accommodation for up to 150 guests

Belarus: 119,000 visitors/year. Belarus is every so often called “Europe’s last dictatorship,” which speaks pretty much the whole thing one needs to discern as to why it’s one of the least visited countries in Europe. Given that fact, the country is faultlessly safe for visitors despite its stunted political process, it’s just that there are not a lot of iconic tourist attractions to charm visitors. The capital, Minsk, is a delightful city, however, that’s a enjoyable place to pass a few days.

San Marino: 139,000 visitors/year. San Marino is so tiny (60 square kilometers) that it makes Liechtenstein seem huge in comparison. Its small size is exactly why it ranks so low on visitors, as not lots of of the tourists who visit San Marino really stay overnight so they are therefore not included in these numbers. The ones who do visit overnight can devote their time discovering the country’s nine settlements, visiting its castles and drenched up the history of the world’s oldest republic

Monaco: 292,000 visitors/year. The tiny city-state of Monaco may only receive 292,000 overnight visitors each year, but the visitors it does receive have a proclivity for being extremely rich and powerful. Think more oligarchs and less backpacker. It’s a great place to park your yacht, the French Riviera is lovely and the casino in Monte Carlo is the place to visit. For less wealthy visitors, Monaco still some of attractions worth trying out; the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is an incredible first stop.


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  2. Europe is an ideal place for all. It has several fascinating and fabulous places. I have visited many well known places of it but the places that you have mentioned in your blog are totally new for me. I have just visited the Monaco-Ville many years ago when I was coming from the bus tour to Canada. There I explore its few places such as Vieux Monaco, Princess Grace Botanical Garden, Casino Cafe de Paris, The Palace Guards and Monaco St Nicholas Cathedral. It is an old trip so I don’t have other information about these places.