Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tips for the Ideal Berlin Weekend

Review and make some research

Proceed online or take a guidebook and do a little research to discover what the city can provide. If you enjoy museums look online and pick which ones you want to go to. If you are into a specific music style, ensure you catch on venues that play the material you prefer. Some attractions such as the Reichstag or the Sammlung Boros will require advanced booking so ensure if they are on your want to do list, that you book your ticket. You must know that most shops are shut on Sundays if you want to go shopping (but there are great selections of Sunday flea markets).

Make a tour but avoid scams!

Do a tour if it is your first time visiting Berlin. A tour will help you know the geography along with the culture and history of the city. There are many great companies offering a diversity of several tours. Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore bid a range of best walking tours from their general Berlin tour to more precise ones on topics like Third Reich History, Cold War, or Berlin Today. If you are considering something less mainstream, they also offer numerous walking tours which dig into Berlin's different scene where you'll get to see many of Berlin's street art and hear regarding their unique subcultures which make up Berlin. There are bike, bus, and boat tours on offer too if you do not like walking. Ensure you ask your guide for their hot tips for bars, clubs or usual restaurants you'll get some great local recommendations.

Determine what kind of weekend you crave

What do you want to do, is it a weekend of partying or do you want to hit the shops or markets, maybe it is a day of relaxing on the river with a cocktail your impression of perfection or are you enthusiastic to spend every waking hour plunging yourself in Berlin's rich history? To a certain extent you can mix a bit of everything, however you must have knowledge of whatever you like to get out of the weekend so you can slim down your choices.

Be flexible

If you are having a remarkable time in a bar, and your just met friends recommend a new cool bar or club go for it! Many have discovered some remarkable places this way, and providing you show some common sense as far as safety goes, there is not a lot that can go wrong. Make sure that this newly found friend isn’t a fraud first; we do not want to risk your security.

If terrible weather puts the kibosh on your outdoor schedules, use the chance to check out one of Berlin's museums or locate a local bar to spend some time in.

Think about where you are going to stay

Every locality has a diverse style and feel and will interest various kinds of visitor so make certain you do a bit of research. If you are considering to party hard you will want to stay in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. If you like Boutique shopping, try Charlottenburg, Mitte, or Prenzlauer Berg. Pick where you will stay centered on what you are typically planning to do. This will lessen your travel time/cost and you will be able to spend more time enjoying your weekend.

Discover where the locals go

You can have an excellent weekend hanging out with other travelers and getting drunk in the hostel bar or the German themed tourist restaurant. Inquire around, though, and you are about to find some gems that are out of your plan. Chat with hotel staff, shop keepers, and tour guides. If you ask politely, that they will have some favorite spots they will be delighted to share. Berliners are much honored of their city, and even though can be a bit abrupt or dry, they are normally very accommodating and warm hearted.

Warning! Keep your expectations realistic

Yes, Berlin is wonderful, and yes, everybody is frenzied about how incredible it is, however Berlin is a city which can sometimes take a little time to fall in love with as well. It is big, not remarkably beautiful, and the locals can sometimes come across as rude. And can be compared to Jakarta Indonesia regarding business and traffic. A weekend is a little time and if one plan goes crooked or the weather is bad it could expect disaster except you are prepared to go with the flow and turn things upside down.

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