Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rainy Days in Algarve – Survival Tips

The weather in the Algarve is typically very fine. With a usual of over 300 days of sunshine each year, not a lot rain falls in the Algarve. You can compare it to pretty much anywhere else in Europe and far from Jakarta Indonesia. On the other hand, that does leave 65 days when there is the possibility that rain will fall and possibly enforce an alteration from Plan A to Plan B.  Here are a few useful tips by Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore for some great rainy day activities in the Algarve.

Go to the beach
You can’t top a refreshing walk along the beach in stormy weather. – Take note, the Algarve has stunning beaches. Elementally stimulating and with a fortified coffee at the end, is invigorating. Drink some locally brewed Medronho to heat each cell in your body should you get caught in the rain. Throughout the most silent winter months, the beaches are near empty and ideal for romantic walks and soulful meditation.

Die hard surfers will not be stopped by a spot of rain, and those tempestuous days can sometimes be the best for surfing. The Algarve is one of the best surf destinations in the world with Sagres and the western coast, the Costa Vicentina offering some great surfing spots. Read reviews from the visitors. 

Acquire more regarding the local history to avoid the scam
The Algarve has numerous interesting galleries and museums displaying the regions rich history. They are generally cheap to visit. Silves, Tavira and Lagosare perhaps the most exciting towns in the Algarve from an historical point of view, and have remarkable, castles, cathedrals and town walls to verify it. Though, even resorts like Vilamoura can amaze with their amusing past – take a look at the Cerro da Vila museum next to the marina and witness the fabulous roman remains there. Or visit the magnificent Estoi palace, the Sardine Museum in Portimão or the megalithic remains at Alcalar, just outside Portimão. Artcatto art gallery in Loulé constantly has interesting exhibitions, and you can fuse a visit there with a trip to the Loulé produce market – at all times a great experience, bursting with noise, smells and strange sights.

Family Time
Warning! Family holidays and rain can be a difficult combination. Fortunately in the Algarve you have the Centros de Ciencias Vivas – Living Science Centres – in Faro and Lagos. These are astonishingly good value sites for educational and interactive family fun whereas kids can acquire all sorts of bizarre and superb things.

Karting is great for entertainment, but then again not in the rain. Enter the Hot Wheels Indoor Karting track at Albufeira marina - 400m of speedy track, tricky corners and inviting stretches, all indoors so ideal in any weather. There are 200cc karts for the adults and 160cc karts for juniors.

Indulge in some local food 
Portuguese food is scrumptious no matter the weather. The rain that does fall in the Algarve typically does so throughout the winter months, in perfect synch with local restaurant menus that offer hearty stews at this time of year. Begin with a homemade soup, next with a tasty lamb stew, or some wild boar, hare or rabbit. Complement with some good Algarve and Portuguese wine and the rain will quickly diminish to the background.

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