Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Avoiding Jetlag

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore wants your vacation more enjoyable and free of hassle, here are some advice on how to avoid having a jetlag.

Hydrate. You can quickly be dehydrated in the airplane cabins since they are dry and pressurized, this will make you feel really sleepy, what you should do is drink lots of water during the trip since it can help you ease the process. This doesn’t necessarily stop the jetlag, but it will aid the dehydration so it won’t add to your fatigue.

• Sleep. Try to sleep on the plane even for an hour or so because it will make a big difference. Ear plugs and an eye mask will help.upon arriving, when morning, having breakfast immediately after waking up on the plane or once you get into the airport—even if not hungry— will definitely help adjust your body to the idea that yes, it is now morning.

• Shift your time for long trips. Move you sleep and meal time ahead of your flight.

• Stay away from alcohol. This is a warning! Do not have too much or you’ll have a nasty headache and never properly adjust to the new time zone since the issue here is dehydration on long overseas flights.

Avoid naps. This may be painful but you should try to stay awake until bedtime in the new time zone. This will make your trip more enjoyable and productive for the succeeding days. Is it easier to stay awake outside than staying indoors, go out for a walk, the fresh air and sunshine make it much easier to stay awake.

• Stretch. It helps your body feel more normal and not as confined on a plane. This doesn’t combat jet lag per se, but it does reduce some of the scars of travel.

Don’t shift time for short trips. This tip is only for trips less than 48 hours. If you’re jetting off to Europe for a single meeting and then racing back home, it pays to stay on your home time zone.

This tips are very useful for travelers going to a different timezone, like for example you an Ozzie travelling to Southeast Asian cities such as Beijing China, Kl Malaysia or Jakarta Indonesia. 

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