Monday, May 12, 2014

Starting A Good Plan For A Family Reunion

Nothing could be more wonderful experience than getting relatives together for a family reunion, yet, similar to most things, the success of this reunion lies in proper planning.

Preparing the first get together of all your relatives can be overwhelming, however, it's easy with proper planning especially about location, accommodations and date.

Criteria to consider when choosing a destination, there are as many possibilities as there are family members.

Convenience is very critical. Choose a location near a major airport so it is easily accessible and provides service from a selection of airlines.

Activities are very important to avoid being bored. Pick an area is perfect for sightseeing and offers lots of activities. Some family might want to extend their stay after the reunion or to take side trips to local attractions. Do something different like, if you are from the west, try Southeast Asia for a change, try going to KL Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia, Beijing China and much more must tries.

Consider the price. One must think about being practical, since exotic locations may be nice, but are not practical for a wide range of budgets, ages and interests. Decide on the area that will give you a price most families can afford. A cruise ships and resorts would be the perfect choice, they are often known for reunions because of their all-inclusive pricing packages that include meals, activities and shows. And especially that Baby-sitting is often available.

Preference is sometimes the key and the family’s hometown can be a great site for a reunion. Reaching on an agreement among relatives will help widen participation.

Several kinds of accommodations are suitable for a family reunion, from enormous resorts to cozy inns.

You'll want a place that can hold at least one big reunion dinner depending on family size. It also should have split areas so relatives can gather together as a group, detached into smaller parties or spend time as couples.

Think about that families with school-age children as they may find it easier to attend a reunion in the summer or around a long holiday weekend when picking a date and  choose the time of year with appropriate weather depending on the activities planned, choose.

Warning, the larger the gathering, the longer the planning time. It may take 18 to 24 months to put together a reunion for a large family scattered across the country.

For help, contact a travel agency experienced at arranging group tours -- expertise they can use to help put your family reunion together. A full-service travel agency, such as Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore can provide information on locations, accommodations, transportation and group discounts.

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