Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tech-Travel Tips for You and You’re Family

Growing concern that kids put family home at risk

Families are beginning to take more devices with them on vacation, not realizing the risks involved when taking a tablet, laptop or smartphone along for the trip.

Experts estimate that the average family now takes seven electronic devices on each trip, taking pictures, posting to social media and staying connected to friends back home.

While many adults are now aware of the risks associated with posting that you are away on vacation, experts are more worried about whether children understand these risks.

"A lot of very young kids are using Instagram or other photo sharing sites and they're taking photographs and they're sharing those photographs," says Michelle Dennedy, McAfee's Chief Privacy Officer.

Dennedy worries that these actions can increase risks for traveling families.

The safety recommendations are:
* Use only secure Wi-Fi while away
* Password protect all your devices

* Even if your device breaks down, still stay away from public computers

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