Sunday, May 11, 2014

Exotic but Not Expensive

Traveling should be pleasurable, memorable, enjoyable and exotic, but it could be very expensive as well. That shouldn’t be the case, lets you travel the exotic thrill yet not expensive.

Recently the dollar just dropped a little compared to the euro and pound sterling, yet travelling to Western Europe's capitals still is still very expensive. If $100 taxi rides and $50 lunches aren't your thing, head to a country where your dollars will go a long way. So to avoid scams here are some of the best deals on the planet right now, places that are easy for travelers and easy on the wallet.

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore provides you the following travel destination that exotic for adventurous travelers but cheap and inexpensive.

You will never go wrong with Machu Picchu, it is worth a journey. This is just some of the value-packed benefits of traveling in the country. Inca ruins could be seen all around the Sacred Valley while in South America, Cuzco is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities. If you are a fan of hiking, you can do it in the Andes. Admire the colonial architecture on the streets of Arequipa. You can do trips through the Amazon, boating across the highest lake in the world, and flying over the strange geoglyphs, the Nazca lines.

This Southeast Asian nation is one of the most varied and attractive destinations in the world. Experience the long string of volcanic islands and a range of topography and culture. There is Bali, Jakarta, Java and more! What’s more is it is also one of the world's best bargains of cheapest hotels going for $5 a night not to mention it is often right beside great snorkeling spots.  Even in Bali, the most developed island, you can find plenty of deals. On the other hand Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi is trouble-free to branch out like an intrepid explorer or get pampered on the cheap in the most popular spots.

Czech Republic
In much of Europe, prices in the big cities are frequently twofold what you find in the countryside. This is particularly true in Eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, where vacationers on quick weekend breaks have driven up hotel and restaurant prices in Prague. However, in the smaller towns and cities, the country is one of Europe's remaining great values. It's an charming destination where you find castles on a hill, how about the world's best beer for a dollar in a pub, and winding cobblestone streets without crowds.

Warning! Travelling could be very tiring, exhausting and costly, but the above information is best for travelers with big expectations with a tight budget!

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